UCLA/Cambodia HIV/AIDS Training Program in Data Management & Analysis

This is a training program funded by the NIH Fogarty Institute (1D43TW009590-01A1) to provide doctoral and master’s degrees and post-doctoral training to trainees from Cambodia at UCLA and the University of Health Sciences (UHS) in Cambodia. There are visiting scholars who work to advance their training in research methods. The purpose is advanced training of Cambodian health professionals in the use and interpretation of complex surveillance data for HIV/AIDS research.

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2018 Conference

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The 2nd Scientific Conference of University Health Sciences was a two day conference.                                                                                                                                                                 Attendees include current and former trainees as well as university faculty.


2016 Winter Workshop

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The Winter Workshop in 2016 was a 2-day course entitled, “Cancer Epidemiology and HIV Infection-related Cancers”                                                                                                         taught by UCLA FSPH Professor Zuofeng Zhang. Attendees include medical students and practicing oncologists.


2015 Winter Workshop

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The Winter Workshop in 2015 was a 3-day course entitled, “An Introduction to Use and Analysis of Integrated Longitudinal Data.”                                                                                 Attendees include undergraduate and graduate students as well as university faculty and the public. Participants received a certificate for their participation.


2015 Info Session and Site Visit

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The 2015 Fogarty Information Session briefed students interested in coming to UCLA as a Fogarty Scholar to do their MS and or PhD in HIV Epidemiology.                                 Also included are two photos of UCLA collaborators visiting the National HIV clinic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in Winter 2015.